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The number of places allocated to non-EU citizens is now full.
Henceforth applications are accepted only from citizens and permanent residents of the EU and the Nordic Countries.


Never before have cultural dynamics impacted more our life across all parts of society and in all workplaces. Whether you are a practiced jetsetter or a social rookie, in a management position or a "simple worker", an immigrant or a native, an experienced employee or someone who is looking for their first job, you need to navigate common situations like this:


With five generations – Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, iGen – active in all aspects of society, there is great likelihood for intergenerational conflict. For example, how does a 20-year-old plumber work alongside one who is significantly more experienced and must yet train them in the use of iPads to schedule washing machines?


We now interact on daily basis with people of different ethnic backgrounds, as friends, neighbours, customers, colleagues, bosses, employees. We may use a common language, but how can we, for example, develop plurilingual skills and make sure that we do not get stuck in word forms, but rather pay attention to meaning? How much of someone’s ethnic history should we know in order to understand them?


As the definition of gender is being shifted from biology to sociology, the possibilities for misunderstandings and conflicts caused by gender diversity are numerous. Do we even understand what LGBTQIAP2 stands for? And is feminism an ideology that helps everyone, or a dogma meant to push men in the background?


The subject of religion is often avoided in any type of conversation, but belief systems are defining most of our values and attitudes. Is political correctness anything else than a new religion? Is our understanding of "good" absolute or is it just a relative belief?

And these are just some of the many aspects of diversity that we come across and must address on a daily basis.


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Contact: radu.szekely@vnf.fi, +358 50 3701714

Facebook: @vnfdiversity


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Citizens outside EU Please note that the Finnish government does not provide a residence permit for one-year studies at Folk High Schools.