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Study Programmes


The study programme prepares you to be a "people’s person", to deal successfully with people and their unique characteristics in a group of friends and in your social circles, to work effectively with and make best use of diversity. You will walk away with:

Social competences:

- an understanding of your own cultural and diversity profile

- the ability to determine whether an issue is interpersonal or diversity-related

- the skill to assess the “diversity intelligence” of others

- the skills to identify and address the challenges presented by diversity

- the "knack" to navigate the many layers of diversity, and gather around you people of different backgrounds

- a positive attitude towards difference that helps you make the most of the diverse social network you are part of

Job-related competences:

- the knowledge to assess a workplace for barriers and challenges that obstruct diversity and inclusion

- the knowledge to develop effective initiatives that promote the strengths of diversity and inclusion and can help workplaces make the most of these strengths

- techniques and tools for measuring diversity and inclusion in different settings

- the skills to act as adviser to executive management and policy makers on diversity and inclusion strategies, progress, and compliance

- the ability to investigate and resolve issues of discrimination

- the skills to plan and implement strategic diversity and inclusion plans, aligned with business goals in the case of private companies

- the ability to communicate the diversity and inclusion assessment, plan, and status of goal attainment, and to use these in positive marketing

Job profiles supported:

- Diversity and Inclusion Officer

- Human Resource Adviser

- Diversity Policy Adviser

- Conflict Management Specialist/Analyst


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Contact: radu.szekely@vnf.fi, +358 50 3701714

Facebook: @vnfdiversity


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Citizens outside EU Please note that the Finnish government does not provide a residence permit for one-year studies at Folk High Schools.